Advisory – Community Service Hours

For those of you that have worked with me, you are aware that, if nothing else, I am truthful and honest about what I say. Perhaps someday I might blog on the difference between honesty and truthfulness… However, today is not that day.

The first step in the process was to talk with Rico and get a list of the Den 5 students and the community service hours they had already done. I pulled out the information on my students and created a separate spreadsheet.

Unfortunately it was a bit depressing as to how many of my students had 0 hours of community service. I started talking one on one with my students in order to get some idea of what sort of service they would like to do. I got about halfway through the process when I got distracted by other issues, like testing…

Anyway, I probably need to get back and start where I left off and continue the process. Even if I don’t get very far, at least I will be able to help out the next teacher as to where the students are and how much they need to do.

It will be easier with my Freshmen. I will have some sort of baseline of what they want to do and next year I will be prepared to help them from the beginning of school.

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